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You Have Our Pinky Promise

Building Happiness and Delivering WOW!

To build happiness and deliver WOW, means we do things a little unconventional and innovative and requires a relentless focus on constantly improving our processes with a goal to over deliver on all expectations; it is no easy task.

Building Happiness: Constructing or renovating your pool is the platform that allows us to build happiness for you as there is something special about owning a pool. There is a reason the term staycation is becoming popular. Pools are the most cost-effective activity in which you can invest, in addition to, health benefits, loads of fun, and rejuvenating relaxation. And more importantly, a pool creates lifelong memories that are priceless.

Delivering WOW: At Nautilus Pools, anything worth doing is worth doing with WOW. Even though WOW is a short, simple word, it really encompasses a lot of things and hard work. We deliver WOW by doing something that’s above and beyond what’s expected in every interaction with our family (team) or externally with our extended family (customers, vendors, and communities) – with everyone. Some refer to it as “magic” or “special”, but our secret sauce is created by a company-wide obsession to detail (all the beans that we are going to spill).

Customer Centric, Highest Integrity, and Lasting Quality


You are more than a customer; you’re extended family. We have a relentless determination to make every customer 100% happy with their experience and constantly working to enhance our practices. If you are not completely satisfied, then we failed as a team.


Integrity is the result of doing what we say, commitment by everyone, and keeping our core values the top priority in our day-to-day operations. If we say we are going to do something, count on it being done to top quality and as committed, no negotiating.


We believe in building a pool that requires minimum maintenance and lasts longer than our competitors. Building to our standards will save you time and money in the future. As the adage says, “You Get What You Pay For”. When Quality Counts, build with Nautilus Pools.

Promises of Nautilus Pools

Nautilus Pools is the most trusted pool builder in southwest Florida. There are many reasons why our customers choose to build their swimming pools with us than any other pool builder. The most important reasons are the promises we make and keep:

We promise to design the best possible pool for you, while keeping within your budget.
Both our residential and commercial pool designs have won dozens of awards because we start each project with a blank slate. We listen to your dreams, preferences, concerns, and budget constraints in order to design the perfect backyard for you and your family.

We promise to keep you informed about the progress of your pool build.
Once you sign a contract, there are over twenty steps involved in building your pool. We know you are busy with other areas of life. Our supervisors inform you of each step and the overall progress of your build.

We promise to build a quality pool that can be enjoyed for years to come.
Our warranty is the best available. Nautilus Pools is highly selective in choosing our partners, equipment manufacturers, and individual team members to ensure that our quality always exceeds expectations.

We promise to offer support and service after your pool is complete.
Our dedicated service department is always here to answer your questions, and provide service to solve any issues you may have in operating and maintaining your new pool.

Need inspiration before beginning?

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