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Our Construction Process

A beautifully designed pool is only as enjoyable as it’s construction quality. Nautilus Pools is consistently recognized for our lasting quality construction process. Even more impressive is our constant ability to construct a pool with a minimum of intrusions to our customers’ property and their schedule. While other pool companies can leave you in frustration over the length of construction due to their available resources and overall quality, Nautilus Pools lets you enjoy your swimming pool quicker and worry free. Below is a list outlining the primary phases we take in creating your beautiful, backyard oasis.


One of our experienced and professional Designer Consultants will come to your house or meet you at our office. They will show you a variety of pool designs and discuss your vision, goals, and preference for your pool. Don’t feel stress if you are not sure what you are wanting as we have an array of pictures to help with the brainstorming process.
A site assessment of your property will be done by your design specialist. They will visit your property to take pictures and measurements necessary for completing your design. During this assessment, they will determine where the equipment will be located, any set back requirements, how we will access the backyard with our equipment, and if there is anything in the way of construction.
Every client receives a computer generated design before we begin construction. These incredibly realistic renderings allow you to see all the elements of your pool design as they integrate to your home and backyard. At this stage, you can make revisions and improvements as necessary. Upon approval of your design, we use this layout to create detailed engineering drawings required for construction.
Your design specialist will meet with you at our office whenever convenient. Here you can see samples of tile, plaster, decking and stone to choose the ones that will work best with your vision. We will also discuss the positives and negatives of each product to help ensure you select the best products suited for your preference and style.
At this time, your design specialist will set up an appointment to go over the final design and review your proposal in detail with you. The proposal will outline all the cost associated with your construction of your pool so there will be no surprises at the end.
Nautilus Pools will prepare all calculations and drawings required for permitting. Your permit paperwork is submitted to the proper County/City office for permit approval.
Prior to the start of construction, it will be your responsibility to have your irrigation capped, all landscaping, fencing, and/or any other items which may be in the way of the pool construction relocated. We suggest having these items remediated immediately after signing your pool agreement. If for any reason these items are not taken care of prior to permitting approval, Nautilus Pools will not be able to start construction until we have the proper clearance on the property.
One of our construction superintendents will make a visit to pre-site your property. The existing sod will be scraped off from the proposed pool area and hauled away. This process is done to ensure we have true elevations prior to starting the layout.
Using the dimensions from the pool design and engineering drawings, we lay the pool out onto the proposed site area using strings. Then, we mark the location and features with paint. This provides an ideal opportunity to see the outlines of the actual size and shape of the pool and make any changes to the size and location of the pool before we break ground with excavation.
Once the layout stage is complete, we then proceed on to the process of excavating the underlying soil and rock in order to prepare the site for the pool construction. You will begin to see your pool take shape during this phase and depths will be dug in accordance to your pool design.
Just as steel and wood are used to form a solid foundation for a home; it is also used to form the shape and structure of your pool. While it is visually rough, it serves as the framework for a pool scape with high structural integrity.
At this step, you will really start to see the pool take shape. The Shotcrete is shot through a high-pressure hose for structural strength. It becomes rock hard, forming a thick, solid structure. Keep in mind this is the rough structure of your pool and will be finished off with plaster later in the process. The shell will cure as we do the finished work around the pool.
All form boards are removed and prep for plumbing is started.
The Total Dynamic Head (TDH) is calculated for each job prior to permitting and refers to the total equivalent height that a fluid will be pumped by taking into consideration any friction losses in the pipe. Additionally, pipe diameters are determined by calculating flow rates based on water demand including pumps, filters, and water features. We install all pipes at 3’ deep or more so your plumbing is protected and provide protecting during ground settlement. The pipes run from your new pool to your new pool equipment and are pressurized to be sure there are no leaks and to pass county inspections.
Once the plumbing is complete, the dirt is backfilled into the trenches to cover any exposed pipes. The soil is then compacted using a heavy jumping jack tamper. The soil must be compacted properly to minimize shifting and settlement issues with your new deck.
This step is when the details really begin to become most important. Our team will start by checking if your shell is completely level and will mud up any areas that may need it to ensure accuracy and alignment. Ensuring that everything is level and square is vital for a beautiful completion. Each piece of coping and tile will be cut and set individually to ensure there are no feathered grout joints. Deco tiles and designs are added based on your color selections.
If your design entails any masonry, stone, and/or waterfalls, we will start setting each piece one by one. Our superintendents take great measures to monitor quality control during the installation process.
This is the perimeter area surrounding your pool. There are a variety of surfaces that are implemented here based on your design from the standard Spray Deck material to custom stone. At this stage we also create any features included in your design such as outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fountains, summer kitchens and more.
Your new pool equipment will be set on a concrete pad. Sizes range from 3.5’ x 7’ up to whatever is required to hold all your equipment in tidy order. The pad is oversized to leave enough room for a heat pump whether you install one right away or in the future. All of our equipment and pipes are labeled for your convenience. Proper placement for your equipment will be determined by you and your designer.
Screens enclosures are designed and executed by our team. A super gutter is installed on the roof fascia and enclosure in order to capture water and debris. Then, all metals are pre-cut at the shop and delivered in pieces to the job site. It is then assembled using NyloTec fasteners to attach it to the deck and walls of the house.
This is a final cleanup and grade. The grade is completed to meet to county drainage standards. Please note that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the yard sodded in order to pass the final inspection.
County/City 3code requires installation of either battery-operated alarms or safety fence. The alarms need to be on all doors and windows exiting from the home to the enclosed pool area or a safety fence can be installed. An inspection by the county is required at this time. This phase may be executed by Nautilus Pools or yourself.
The pool shell is chemically treated, prepped with a waterproofing agent, and cleaned prior to installation of the interior finish. Your step diamonds, step markers, and any mosaics are installed during this step, and the crew will hand trowel the finish to perfection.
After the acid wash of the interior finish has been completed, your new pool will be filled using your garden hose directly from your house or well immediately. City sewer customers will receive a sewage credit to submit to the water department in order to receive credit on their next bill. A typical pool takes 24 – 30 hours to fill. It is normal for your water to look green for the first few days. Nautilus Pools has full-time startup team will be responsible for managing the start-up. They will care for the pool for a period of 30 days. Certain chemicals will be added in order to balance the water. Once the pool is ready for salt, our team will add the initial salt needed to turn your pool over to a saltwater pool.

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