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Design Q&A

1. How can I create shade around my pool?

A screen enclosure is the most common form in our area to achieve getting a comfortable outdoor area year-round. There are many products on the market today that offer other solutions such as umbrellas, pergolas or other shade structures, or shade sails that attach to poles anchored in your yard or your patio and that stretch across areas that need protection from the sun.

2. What elements would you suggest if we want to use our pool to swim laps?

If space is limited there are several swim jet options available that can be installed at the time of construction.

3. Can I customize the floor of my pool?

Of course! We have many tile and mosaic options available that can be set at the steps, walls or floor of the pool.

4. What about my backyard could prevent me from using a design idea?

Designs can usually be customized to fit your backyard dream. However, size, access, city and county requirements, HOA requirements, and utility lines must be assessed before solidifying your design.

5. Do I need a pool cover?

If you opt for a heating system, a solar blanket custom fit to your pool will be provided. This will help to maintain the heat in the pool for year-round swimming.

6. Can I add a spa to my pool in the future?

Provided there is enough available space for the body of water and associated equipment, a spa can be added to an existing pool, but it can be quite expensive.

7. Can I add a water feature to my pool in the future?

Depending on the type of water feature, some can be added after a pool is built, but it can be expensive. Price will be dependent on necessary construction and plumbing modifications, in addition to the components of the feature itself.

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