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Service Q&A

1. Does Nautilus Pools offer a weekly pool service?

We understand you want to enjoy your pool to the utmost. We offer various plans to meet your needs.

2. How often should I clean my filters?

Filters should be cleaned periodically depending on how much dirt enters your pool. For instance, those with an open-air pool will require additional cleanings.

3. Why won’t my pump prime?

All our pumps are self-priming. However, the system may occasionally take on a lot of air for several different reasons (i.e. water lever too low, pump lid not on tight enough). When this is the case, the pump needs a little water to help it re-prime. We suggest filling a five-gallon bucket with water, opening the pump basket, pouring the water into the pump basket, and quickly replacing the pump lid. Make sure the lid is snug. Open the air relief valve on the top of your filter tank, and then turn on your pump. As you hear the air start to escape through the filter air relief, the pump is beginning to prime. Once a solid stream of water shoots out of the filter air relief, you may close it. Your pump is now primed. If it loses it's prime as it is running, make sure you pool is filled up to the correct level (half way up your waterline tile) and that the skimmer door is not stuck in the down position, causing water to be sucked through your skimmer. If your pump still won’t prime or your pump still loses it’s prime, call Nautilus Pools to schedule our service technician. Nautilus Pools takes care of every pool sold.

4. Where is the pump basket?

Your pump basket is located on the end of the motor that runs your pool by your equipment. It is very important to check this basket periodically. If the basket becomes overly full of debris, your pool is unable to circulate water properly and equipment damage is possible.

5. There is a red light on my salt cell. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is clean your salt cell. It is also important that your chemicals are balanced. If certain levels are incorrect, such as salt or cyanuric acid, it can prevent your salt cell from being able to produce salt. Also, make sure your filters and baskets are free of dirt or debris, which may cause limited flow to the salt cell, preventing it from having enough flow to produce chlorine. If the issue persists, contact our service department.

6. At what level should my salt levels be?

Each system has sensors to detect the salt level, but the levels vary by system. Please check your manual for proper levels for your specific system. Some systems also have the levels printed on the front of the panel. Regardless of system, chlorine will not be produced by the cell if salt levels that are too high or too low. Before you put salt into your pool, take a water sample to your local pool store. Sometimes the sensors in the salt systems go out and may indicate that the salt level is low. The sensor may just need to be cleaned or replaced. Since the only way to bring the salt level down in a pool is by pumping it out, make sure salt is needed before you add it.

7. How do I clean my salt cell?

Soak your cell in a bucket of 3 parts water and 1-part acid. Always add acid to the water and never vice versa. When it stops bubbling (may take up to 10 minutes), it is clean. Rinse the cell with a garden hose and replace. Please refer to the owner’s manual provided in your orientation package for further instruction.

8. What does No Cell Power mean on my salt system?

Make sure either 120VAC or 240VAC input power is connected to the proper screw terminals at the AquaRite control. Verify input voltage with a voltmeter. If there is input power, the fuse may have blown. The AquaRite is protected by a 20 amp mini ATO fuse located on the circuit board above the cell connector.

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