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Nautilus Pools warrants our swimming pools to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date the pool is completed. Pool equipment and accessories, which are purchased by Nautilus Pools, carry separate manufacturers warranties and are excluded from this warranty. Additionally, Nautilus Pools warrants that the pool structure will remain structurally sound for the period of five years by the original owner. The structural warranty does not extend to or cover damage by acts of God, storms on other elements, soil conditions, other construction, structures, nor equipment and materials external to the swimming pool. The warranty is invalid if the pool is not kept full of water at all times and if unauthorized work or modifications are made to the swimming pool or its systems.  In the event the pool is not capable of retaining water under the terms, conditions, and time period described above, Nautilus Pools will repair the pool structure. Walks, pool decking, and coping are not warranted against normal cracking, checking, raising, setting, or discoloration. Pool interior finish is not warranted against etching, scaling, discoloration, or staining since such interior finish defects generally result from local water conditions, natural impurities in interior finish improper use of chemicals, or lack of or improper cleaning of the pool.  Warranties are effective only if buyer has complied with all the terms and conditions, payments, and other provisions of this contract. The warranty commences upon the interior finish of the pool.  Warranty work must be performed by Nautilus Pools or its authorized agent.  Failure to comply will void the warranty.

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